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Investment Guidance
Founded in 1991, China Entertainment Technology Association, widely called CETA, is a non-profitable organization that leads and supports China entertainment equipment industry, and bridges the domestic industry to its overseas counterparts.

With some 1300 members across all provinces in China, CETA is committed to the provision of quality services to its members. The commonly known PLAM Expo, the science and technology forum, the trade show, and the Entertainment Technology magazine, are all carefully managed and constantly improved to meet the rising requirements of its members and others.

CETA is also dedicated to the healthy and stable development of the industry. The qualification assessment and review system, the industry standard manuals are introduced and renewed. Consulting services and training are also provided upon requests from either members or clients.

CETA is committed to the environmental protection, the sustainable development, and the green technology.

It is an increasing issue for everyone on earth today to maintain the constant growth without much damage to the environment.? CETA encourages everybody in the industry to focus more on R&D to develop more efficient and energy-saving products, and to work toward technical and business solutions leading to the use of more recycling and less natural materials. CETA also promotes the proper waste treatment, and calls for practices to the least damage of the environment.
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