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Entertainment Technology-201011
The Set Design of The 2010 Winter Olympics 71
The Set Design of The 2010 Winter Olympics

[USA] Alan Hardiman


[GER]Hartmut H. Starke, Harald Scherer, Christian A. Buschhoff, et. al.

WH/T 27-2007 Mechanical Equipment on Stages-Acceptance Test Procedures (Pt.2)64
WH/T 27-2007 Mechanical Equipment on Stages-Acceptance Test Procedures (Pt.2)

A Brief Talk on Lighting Design of Gala Evening “Huaxi Spring Tide”61
CHEN Yue-ming, LU Li-chaoZhejiang Yongkang Television Station, Yongkang Zhejiang 321300, China【Abstract】From lighting design of...

CHEN Yue-ming, LU Li-chao

Free Talk about Lighting Design for Variety Evening Show58
LIU Fu-rongShenyang Drama Troup, Shenyang Liaoning 100032, China【Abstract】Combined with practicing process, what one has gained...

LIU Fu-rong

Flashing Rhythm and Organization of Lighting Evolution52
ZHU Guang-wuShanghai Theatre Academy China, Shanghai 200040, China【Abstract】Combined with specific light design of plays, artis...

ZHU Guang-wu

A Miraclous Eagle Flute with Unknown Temperament47
HAN Bao-qiangCentral Conservatory Of Music,Beijing 100031,China【Abstract】This paper reported my research on temperament of Tajik...

HAN Bao-qiang

The Development of China Nationalities Orchestra - Creation and Establishment41
LIU Wen-jinChina Nationalities Orchestra Society, Beijing 100088, China【Abstract】The paper introduced the development of China ...

LIU Wen-jin

A Talk about Evaluation Methods in Bids Invitation and Purchases of Stage Machinery38
ZHANG Gui-xinYancheng Electromechanical Equipment Bidding Trading Center, Yancheng Jiangsu 224005, China【Abstract】Combined with p...

ZHANG Gui-xin

Noise Inspection of Stage Machinery for National Centre for the Performing Arts31
ZHANG Jing-jing1, RAO Zi-qing21. Information Engineering School, Communication University of China, Beijing 100024, China; 2. St...

ZHANG Jing-jing, RAO Zi-qing

Synchronization and Timecode Basics29
Original/[USA]Brent Hoover Translate/HE Qing-qing【Abstract】The paper introduced the concept, principle and use of synchronization and timecode.【Key Words】timecode; synchronization; SMPTE;MTC

Original/[USA]Brent Hoover Translate/HE Qing-qing

A Brief Study of Relative Merits for Main Trend Digital Sound Console22
HUANG PengShenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen Guangdong 518036, China【Abstract】By means of comparison, relative merits of five typ...


Application of Digital Sound Amplifying System in Taihu International Conference Centre18
WU Cheng, YANG Qi, LI Shan-shan, SHEN Yin-yan, SONG Yan-binSinostride Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Zhejiang 310013, China【Ab...

WU Cheng, YANG Qi, LI Shan-shan, SHEN Yin-yan, SONG Yan-bin

Analysis of N-ISDN Digital Networks Audio System by Exemplification15
ZHAO WeiTianChuang Zhongdian Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing 100080, China【Abstract】Combined with the developing tendency of audio ...


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