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TV Lighting Design Monograph
The Effect of Emotional Lighting in Creation of Film-Video81
LIANG Zhi-weiCommunication University of China, Beijing 100024, China【Abstract】The paper discussed effect of emotional lighting...

LIANG Zhi-wei

The Essential Parameter Closely Related to TV Picture Quality77
ZHANG Guo-senChina Central Television Station, Beijing 100859, China【Abstract】The paper interpreted and analysised the essential...

ZHANG Guo-sen

Cold Light Source Lighting System of 220m2 Studio in Jiangsu TV Station74
MA Gang, WANG Hua-mingJiangsu Broadcasting Corpration (JSBC), Nanjing Jiangsu 210008, China【Abstract】Overview on the design of...

MA Gang, WANG Hua-ming

The Lighting and Stage System Design of the Variety Studio in Jilin Broadcasting and TV Mansion70
Li Sheng-youJilin Television Station, Changchun Jilin 130041, China【Abstract】The paper introduced the design, technology applica...

Li Sheng-you

The Lighting Design of Star Lighting Award 200867
LIU XiangShanghai forevision Creative Co.,Ltd, Shanghai 200030, China【Abstract】The lighting design of Star Lighting Award 2008...

LIU Xiang

The Lighting Design Characteristics of Cheer! Beijing Olympic65
ZHAO YanShanghai forevision Creative Co.,Ltd, Shanghai 200030, China【Abstract】The paper introduced programme content, theme and...


Lighting Design of Variety Show Jinye Carnival63
ZHANG Hong-qunTianjin Television Station, Tianjin 300070, China【Abstract】Combined with details in preparation and recording proc...

ZHANG Hong-qun

The Lighting Design of Some programs in 2008 Guangdong Soldiers and Civilians Spring Festival Gala60
LIN Pei-qun, ZHANG RanProduction Department, Guangdong Television Station, Guangzhou Guangdong 510066, China【Abstract】With design...

LIN Pei-qun, ZHANG Ran

The Projection Technology in the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olymipics56
LIANG Guan-huaBeijing Wincomn Technology Development Co., Ltd, Beijing 100176, China【Abstract】The projection technology in the ...

LIANG Guan-hua

The Lighting Design of Linglong Tower Studio53
XU Hang, ZHU Hai-tao, LI Xiao-bingChina Central Television Station, Beijing 100859, China【Abstract】The Lighting Design of Ling...

XU Hang, ZHU Hai-tao, LI Xiao-bing

Lighting of Beijing Olympics Telecast44
WANG Xiao-bingCommunication University of China, Beijing 100024, China【Abstract】Embarked from illumination, uniformity, irection,...

WANG Xiao-bing

The Rhythm of Lighting in TV Variety Show41
WANG Wen-jieZhejiang Radio&Television Group, Hangzhou Zejiang 310005, China【Abstract】From aspects of space, light and shade,colo...

WANG Wen-jie

The Lighting Plan Skill in Stop-motion Animation Shooting29
ZHENG Shan-shanCommunication University of China, Beijing 100024, China【Abstract】This thesis was depth analysis in the lighting...

ZHENG Shan-shan

The Stage Space with Light and Shade-How to Construct Stage Space with Beam of Moving Lights25
YUAN Guang-fuDalian Television Station, Dalian Liaoning 116022, China【Abstract】The paper introduced general situation, principle...

YUAN Guang-fu

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