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Entertainment Technology-201411
Appreciation of Qin Liyun's Stage Design Production73
QIN Li-yun(Guangdong Song & Dance Ensemble, Guangzhou Guangdong 510075, China)【Abstract】The paper commented on the stage desig...

QIN Li-yun

A Brief Talk about Stage Supervision Work of Drama Four Generations56
LUO Lan(National Theatre of China, Beijing 100055, China)【Abstract】Combined with the performance process of drama Four Generat...


The Ballet Costume Design Practice in The National Ballet of China52
WEI Shi-xing(The National Ballet of China, Beijing 100050, China)【Abstract】The writer briefly introduced the development of ba...

WEI Shi-xing

A Talk about Lighting & Video Design Creation of Acrobatics Dream of the Golden Clown49
XIE Yong-ming(China National Acrobatic Troupe, Beijing 100176, China)【Abstract】Stage art design ideas and effects of original ...

XIE Yong-ming

The Video Application of How to Train Your Dragon46
ZHANG Yue(Eventist, Beijing 100083, China)【Abstract】There was a special space established for drama How to Train Your Drago...


Metal Drum Stick - Drummer's Tools for Opening the Wrist44
ZHANG Cuan-lei(Chengdu Art Room Porch Drum, Chengdu Sichuan 610021, China)【Abstract】This paper introduced the importance of me...

ZHANG Cuan-lei

Multi-functional Use of Performing Building (part 2)41
QIAO Wei(East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd., Shanghai 200001, China)【Abstract】The feasibility and ne...


Research on Stage Manage System36
JIANG Yu-jian1, JIANG Wei1, ZHANG Jing-jing1, REN Hui1, SUN Fang 2(1. Department of Science and Engineering, Communication Uni...

JIANG Yu-jian1, JIANG Wei1, ZHANG Jing-jing1, REN Hui1, SUN Fang 2

Discuss about 3D Flight Mechanism Control Technology in Stage32
XIE Hai-qi, HUANG Xue-tong, SHENG Min, ZHU Guo-liang(Zhejiang Dafeng Industrial Co., Ltd., Yuyao Zhejiang 315400, China)【Abst...

XIE Hai-qi, HUANG Xue-tong, SHENG Min, ZHU Guo-liang

Acoustic Scale model Testing of Opera Hall and Concert Hall of Shandong Grand Theatre29
YU Bin(Zhangkuisheng Acoustics Design & Research Studio, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shangh...

YU Bin

Design of Resident and Lease Theater26
ZHANG San-ming(Architectural Technology Institute of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Zhejiang 310058, China)【Abstract】This paper ...

ZHANG San-ming

Design of the Auditorium Sight Line24
WU Ting-li, ZhANG Xiu-guo(Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and Research Inc., Beijing 100045, China)【Abstract】The comm...

WU Ting-li, ZhANG Xiu-guo

Classification and Definition of Audio Power Amplifier21
HU Chun-you(The Third Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Beijing100015, China)【Abstract】Digi...

HU Chun-you

VIVACE Electronic Variable Acoustic Field System and its Application in Dalian International Conference Center Theater14
ZHOU Quan(Dalian Yisheng Electric Engineering Co.,Ltd. , Dalian Liaoning 116021, China)【Abstract】VIVACE electronic variable ac...


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