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Entertainment Technology-201412
Appreciation of Ren Dongsheng 's Stage Design Production73
REN Dong-sheng(Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing 100089, China)【Abstract】The paper commented on the stage design of Chinese show...

REN Dong-sheng

Steinway Double Manual Piano52
LIU Bao-li1, [USA] Mark Ultsch2, [USA] Christopher Taylor2(1. Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Shenyang Liaoning 110004, China;2....

LIU Bao-li1, [USA] Mark Ultsch2, [USA] Christopher Taylor2

Multi-functional Use of Performing Building (part 3)46
QIAO Wei(East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd., Shanghai 200001, China)【Abstract】The feasibility and ne...


Process Characteristics and Structure Design of Chinese Opera Theater Double-deck Big Revolving Stage42
SONG Yao-jun(Zhejiang Dafeng Industrial Co., Ltd.(Hangzhou) Stage Design Institute, Hangzhou Zhejiang 315400, China)【Abstract】It...

SONG Yao-jun

On the Issues of Depth of the Orchestra Pit and Vertical Transportation of the Orchestra Level40
ZHANG Xiu-guo, WU Ting-li(Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and Research Inc., Beijing 100045, China)【Abstract】Analysis...

ZHANG Xiu-guo, WU Ting-li

On the Immersive Sound Technology of Film36
ZHEN Zhao(Beijing Film Academy,Beijing 100088, China)【Abstract】This essayintroduces the academic research in recent years aroun...


Lighting Design of The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games International Broadcast Center Studio for Nanjing TV Station32
HONG Yi-sheng1, ZHU Xin-chun2(1. Nanjing ADV Culture Communication Co., Ltd, Nanjing Jiangsu 210007, China;2. Production departm...

HONG Yi-sheng1, ZHU Xin-chun2

Review of Multimedia Video Design of APEC Art Performance15
WANG Zhi-gang(E-GO COMPUTER GRAPHICS, Beijing 100083, China)【Abstract】The main team of the 2014 APEC art performance made ful...

WANG Zhi-gang

Innovation Practice of Visual System Technology Scheme of Bird Nest LED "Net Screen"11
LAN Ming(Beijing Glux Art & Performance Visual Effects , Beijing 100089, China)【Abstract】Based on the huge area and steel s...

LAN Ming

Sound Design of APEC Leaders Welcome Banquet Performance6
MA Xin1, XUE Yun-xia(1. Chinese Coal Mine Art Troupe, Beijing 100013, China)【Abstract】Based on the special environment of Be...

MA Xin1, XUE Yun-xia

The Main Technolgical Characteristics of Public Address System of Jixian Hall in Yanqi Lake International Conference Centre1
ZHU Zi-cong, CHEN Jian-hua, ZHANG Yue, LUO Xue-cong(CRFTG Radio, Film and Television Design and Research Institute, Beijing 10...

ZHU Zi-cong, CHEN Jian-hua, ZHANG Yue, LUO Xue-cong

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