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Entertainment Technology-201501
Appreciation of Han Chunqi’s Costume Design Production72
HAN Chun-qi(Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing 100089, China)【Abstract】The paper commented on Han Chunqi's costume design in o...

HAN Chun-qi

The Costume Design and Totem Production of Norma by NCPA55
NING Fang-guo, TIAN Zhan(National Center for Performing Arts, Beijing 100031, China)【Abstract】The paper introduced the costume...

NING Fang-guo, TIAN Zhan

Cross-Border Art: When Film Director Meet Choreographer -The Recalling and Inspiration of Video Dance in Europe48
WU Zhen(Department of Art Communication, Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing 100081, China)【Abstract】Video Dance refers to dance of...

WU Zhen

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