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Entertainment Technology-201504
Tailoring System in NCPA -Take Aida as Example70
NING Fang-guo(National Center for Performing Arts, Beijing 100031, China)【Abstract】The paper introduced tailoring system in Nat...

NING Fang-guo

The Function and Application of Multimedia Image on Stage - My Creation of Multimedia on Stage63
WU zhen(Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing 100081, China)【Abstract】Development of technology make multimedia this unique visual m...

WU zhen

The Influence of Chinese and Western Aesthetics on Stage Lighting58
FENG De-zhong(The Central Academy of Drama,Beijing 100710,China)【Abstract】Taken the example of Chinese and Western painting...

FENG De-zhong

Application of Multimedia Technology in the Tenth Golden Eagle Festival Internet TV Show54
YU Di(Hunan Radio and TV Station, Changsha Hunan 410003, China)【Abstract】This article describes the application of multimedia...


Analysis about “Holograph Technology” on Stage50
XU En-hui1, ZHANG Lei(1. School of Film & TV, SHU, Shanghai 200433, China)【Abstract】This article describes the photography a...

XU En-hui1, ZHANG Lei

System Characteristics and Original Type Features of Chinese Huqin Family Instrument44
WANG Xin1,2(1. Nanjing Arts University, Nanjing Jiangsu 210013, China; 2. National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Beijing 1...

WANG Xin1,2

Research on Virtual Scheduling Platform of Stages Supervisor System41
LI Zhen, NAN Jie, YANG Qian-yi, WANG Dong-fang(Department of Automation, Communication University of China, Beijing 100024, Chi...

LI Zhen, NAN Jie, YANG Qian-yi, WANG Dong-fang

Design of Stage Machinery Control System about the Anhui Radio and Television Studio New Center Theater37
CHENG Fang, DU Zhi-qiang(Anhui Television Service Center, Hefei Anhui 230071, China)【Abstract】The author describes the design ...

CHENG Fang, DU Zhi-qiang

Acoustic Design of Shengjing Grand Theatre29
YANG Zhi-gang(East China architectural design and research institute co., LTD., Zhang kuisheng acoustic design institute, Shangh...

YANG Zhi-gang

Construction and Frequency Planning of Wireless Microphone System21
YAO Li-jun(Shanghai Branch, SuZhou Shure Trading, Co., Ltd., Shanghai 200001, China)【Abstract】Based the RF theory, this paper...

YAO Li-jun

General Technical Requirements for AV Conference System and Acoustics in Conference Building Engineering Design15
CHEN Jian-hua, MO Jiao-ping, ZHANG Yue, ZHU Zi-cong, LUO Xue-cong(CRFTG Radio, Film and Television Design and Research Institu...

CHEN Jian-hua, MO Jiao-ping, ZHANG Yue, ZHU Zi-cong, LUO Xue-cong

Light Distribution Skills in Min Interview TV Studio13
ZHANG Jing-bang, TANG Pu-li(China Central Television, Beijing 100859, China)【Abstract】The paper introduced light distribution sk...

ZHANG Jing-bang, TANG Pu-li

Brief Talk on the Lighting Installation Solution of Performance in Simple Venue10
CHEN Yue-ming, LU Li-chao(Zhejiang Yongkang Television Station, Yongkang Zhejiang 321300, China)【Abstract】The paper discussed th...

CHEN Yue-ming, LU Li-chao

Clay Paky A.LEDA B-EYE K204
Original / [USA]Mike Wood Translate / YAO Han-chun1(1. Shanghai Theatre Academy China, Shanghai 200040, China)【Abstract】B-EYE ...

Original / [USA]Mike Wood Translate / YAO Han-chun1

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