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Entertainment Technology-201505
Appreciation of Liu Kedong's Stage Design Production74
LIU Ke-dong(National Theatre of China, Beijing 100009, China)【Abstract】The paper commented on Liu Kedong's stage design ...

LIU Ke-dong

Child Play The Taste of Tradition72
REN Dong-sheng1, WEN Ge2(1. Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing 100089, China; 2. China National Theatre for Children, Beijing 1000...

REN Dong-sheng1, WEN Ge2

The Costume Design of A Doll's House Produced by NCPA60
WEI Chun-yan1, ZHANG Xiang(1. National Center for the Performing Arts, Beijing 100031, China)【Abstract】The paper introduced th...

WEI Chun-yan1, ZHANG Xiang

Discussion on the Performance Practices of Creating Artistic Images by Lights on the Stage55
ZHOU Rui(Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre, Hangzhou Zhejiang 310006, China)【Abstract】Combined with case, starting from the fundam...


Design of Variable Buoyancy Counterweight Stage Movements in Water51
ZHANG Shu-yong, DAI Lian-qin, YANG Xiu-shuang, YIN Wen-jing, LI Qiang(Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou) Stage Desig...

ZHANG Shu-yong, DAI Lian-qin, YANG Xiu-shuang, YIN Wen-jing, LI Qiang

Acoustic Renovation of Chinese Theater in Tianjin46
ZHANG Lan, MA Hui(School of Architecture, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China)【Abstract】Acoustic renovation of Chinese th...


Flexible Configuration and Commissioning of Pickup Application in Some Types of Conferencing Systems42
TANG Lei(Haman Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Guangdong 518057, China)【Abstract】Combining with actual engineering cases, th...


The Influence of Elliptical Microphone Diaphragm on Sound Quality38
CAO Ju, MENG Zi-hou(Communication Acoustics Laboratory, Communication University of China, Beijing 100024, China)【Abstract】In th...

CAO Ju, MENG Zi-hou

The Lighting System Solution in Multifunction Studio35
XU Yong-mei(Beijing timeslight technology Ltd., Beijing 100053, China)【Abstract】The paper introduce the solution in multifunctio...

XU Yong-mei

Ayrton MagicPanel 60230
Original / [USA]Mike Wood Translate / YAO Han-chun1(1. Shanghai Theatre Academy China, Shanghai 200040, China)【Abstract】Based...

Original / [USA]Mike Wood Translate / YAO Han-chun1

Overview of Development History about Orchestra25
QI Lei(The Music Department of Zhangjiang Vocational Academy Of Art, Hangzhou Zhejiang 310053, China)【Abstract】The author brie...

QI Lei

Novelty Instrument - Musical Sculpture22
YING You-qin(Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai 200031, China)【Abstract】The paper describes the 'musical sculpture'...

YING You-qin

The Practical Creation of Chinese New National Musical Instrument18
GAO Shu(Chinese Art Research Institute - Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Beijing 100029, China)【Abstract...


History and Technological Achievements of Musical Robot12
FU Xiao-dong(Music Department of Science and Technology, China Conservatory of Music, Beijing 100101, China)【Abstract】Music rob...

FU Xiao-dong

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