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Entertainment Technology-201506
Appreciation of Xiu Yan's Stage Design Production73
XIU Yan1, XING Xin2(1. The Central Academy of Drama, Beijing 100710, China; 2. National Theatre of China, Beijing 100009, Ch...

XIU Yan1, XING Xin2

Stage and Lighting Design in Children's Drama Red lantern in the Mountain59
FAN Ya-nan(Changchun Institute of Art, Changchun Jilin 130051, China)【Abstract】This paper introduced distinguishing feature of ...

FAN Ya-nan

The Stage Design Stripped out from the Theater Performances - Feedback of 'Scenes beyond the Stage- Exhibition of NCPC Productions' Set Design'54
CAO Lin(National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Beijing 100073, China)【Abstract】The choreography achievements of theater wa...


Packing Mode and Color Management in Output of 4K Film and Video Production48
LUO Xin-yan(China Central Television , Beijing 100859, China)【Abstract】The paper introduced the keypoint of packing mode and ...

LUO Xin-yan

Rehabilitation and Imitation of National Musical Instruments44
GAO Shu(Chinese Art Research Institute - Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center,Beijing 100029, China)【Abstract...


Configuration and Calculation of Non-Fixed Extinguishing Facilities in Theatre40
LIU Zhi-yong(Central Academy of Drama, Beijing 100710, China)【Abstract】Non-fixed extinguishing facilities have the primary role...

LIU Zhi-yong

The Safety of Stage Machinery35
XU Qi(Stage Equipment Department of National Theatre, Beijing 100031, China)【Abstract】This paper elaborated the ecurity issues...


Acoustic Renovation Quality Management of Radio and Television Technology Room30
LUO Juan(China Cable Television Network Co., Ltd, Beijing 100045, China)【Abstract】This paper introduced main contents about ac...

LUO Juan

Preprocessing in Post Production of Language Teaching Materials24
TANG Shu-yan(Record Editing Department, People's Education Electronic Audio and Video Press Co., Ltd., Beijing 100081, China...

TANG Shu-yan

Noise Processing Strategy of Radio Producers17
QIN Zi-yuan(Technical Production Center China National Radio, Beijing 100086, China)【Abstract】This article described the noise ...

QIN Zi-yuan

Renovation Experience of Lighting System in Yongkang Radio and Television Theatre14
CHEN Yue-ming(Zhejiang Yongkang Television Station, Yongkang Zhejiang 321300, China)【Abstract】This paper introduced the renovatio...

CHEN Yue-ming

Discussion on the Practice and Lighting Technique in Movie Illumination11
KANG Xiao-tian(China Film Group Corporation, Beijing 100088, China)【Abstract】As Not One Less, My Father and Mother, Mei Lanfa...

KANG Xiao-tian

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