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Entertainment Technology-201205
New Venue, New Beginning, New Prosperity ——"The 21st CHINA INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ON PRO AUDIO, LIGHT, MUSIC & TECHNOLOGY" Is Opening Soon1

ZHANG Guan-hua

Chinese Entertainment Equipment Market Scale3
With specific data, the paper explained the development of and entertainment equipment market scale, and discussed business competition.

CHEN Shao-feng

The GLP impression Spot One9
By testing and data evaluating, structure of a typical moving light with RGB LED pattern has been analyzed as well as it’...

Original / [USA]Mike Wood Translate / YAO Han-chun1

Thinking of Lighting Art for Different Performances15
The design ideas and features were discussed for different performance arts such as opera, musical play, vocal concert, and ballet.

Original/[GER] Max Keller Translate/KONG Qing-yao1

Structure Personal Monitoring System Used in Complicated Stage Surroundings18
The paper introduced in complicated stage surroundings, how to use wireless personal monitoring system effectively, in order m...

YAO Li-jun

A Subject to Be Worth Studies ——A Programme Source Signal for Various Types of Drama23
In order to acquire best performance effects, it is proposed that to research and collect the information of representative ...

ZHAO Qi-chang

Evaluation and Analysis of the Dressing Room in NCPA (Pt.2)25
This article analyses the using experience of dressing rooms for concert hall, drama theatre, opera house in NCPA, and tries...

ZHONG Rui, XU Qi, QU lin

Leading Space Lay out and Design for Theatre (Pt.1)29
The function of theatre leading space was introduced, and design criterions and requirements were expound with the expression of space and devices layout and design.

Translate/LI Xiao-mei Revise/XU Qi

Analysis of the Scissors Mechanism and Principle of Virtual Displacement33
The paper introduced the application of scissors mechanism lift stable in stage, and the way of using principle of virtual displacement to count running speed and power.

DUAN Hui-wen

Function of Stage Lighting in Creation of TV Picture Visual Impact38
The visual impact effect was analyzed for TV program, and the change and challenge with field, equipments, staff ability and production mode were also illustrated as well.

GUO Liang

Brief Talk to Lighting Design for Drama Richard Ⅲ51
Ideas about lighting design and features were introduced for drama Richard Ⅲ. In addition that, how to express the story by lighting layout was also expound for performance.

LV Bo, LI Ao

Digital Technology Makes More Development Space for Dance on TV55
Video Dance appeared follow the development of technology. Today, the development of digital technology make the movements of ...

WU Zhen

Current State and Prospects of Chinese Bamboo Flute Tone Improvement42
Based on the history of tone improvement of Chinese bamboo flute, by special example, some advices to improvement were put forward as reference to other national wind instrument updating.

HU Liang

Actions in History47
11 famous action systems in history were introduced

Original/[USA]Jack Wyatt, Ed Sutton Translate/WU Hong-jiang

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