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Entertainment Technology-201207
The Chauvet Legend 4121
Constitution, performance and features of a small size LED moving light for wash light are analyzed by detecting lamps.

Original / [USA]Mike Wood Translate / YAO Han-chun1

A Probe into Lighting System Design of CCTV Large Studio6
2000 m2 studio of CCTV’s new building is exemplified to deal with the feature and vantage about lighting design.

LIU Zhi-guang

Watts in a Lumen14
The paper discussed the relation of efficient luminaires and environmental protection, and introduced the measure of efficiency of luminaires and relevant issues.

Original / [USA]Richard Cadena Translate / SHI Duan1

A Talk about 3D Live Recording of Symphony Concert ——The New Year Symphony Concert of Lian Yun Gang City, 201218
The composition, features and arrangement of symphony orchestra on stage are briefly discussed, the choice of microphone, its...

CHEN Lian-sheng

Horizontal and Vertical Loudspeaker Pattern in PA Systems21
The paper introduced the effect of speakers be placed by different positions and angles.

Translate/HE Qing-qing

Evaluation and Analysis of the Dressing Room in NCPA (Pt.3)24
This article analyses the using experience of dressing rooms for concert hall, drama theatre, opera house in NCPA, and tries...

ZHONG Rui, XU Qi, QU Lin

Leading Space Lay out and Design for Theatre (Pt.2)31
The function of theatre leading space was introduced, and design criterions and requirements were expound with the expression of space and devices layout and design.

Translate/LI Xiao-mei Revise/XU Qi

Audio-video System Design of Lecture Hall at China-Japan Friendship Hospital38
Acoustic amplifying and video play of the multi-function hall are discussed with the connotation of “multi-function” set for...

Chi Ning1, MA Xin-xin2

Application of Online Packaging in TV Stage Art41
Application methods and effects achievement of online packaging in TV stage art are introduced, combined with a live telecast of international half marathon and Gun dragon festival.

LIANG zhong

Thoughts and Application of Video Image in Performance45
Some cases are combined to probe into effects significance, misunderstanding and problems of video image in performance.

WANG You-tian

The Survival Strategy of Piano Industry in Post-Financial Crisis Era64
The Survival Strategy of Piano Industry in Post-Financial Crisis Era——Interview with President of the German Piano Manufacturers Association Dr.christian Blüthner-HaesslerHUANG Wei


Brief Analysis on Lighting Design of The Orphan of Chao by The Central Academy of Drama51
Thoughts and features of lighting design of The Orphan of Chao by The Central Academy of Drama is introduced, and the desi...

YU Rui

How to Establish the Subjective Evaluation Principles of Music Instruments Sound Quality48
By regulating the sound producing process of music instruments, empirical approaches, data analysis approaches and other links,...

Li Zi-jin

DMX512-A Digital Data Transmission Standard for Lighting Control (Pt.1)55
DMX512-A Digital Data Transmission Standard for Lighting Control (Pt.1)

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