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Entertainment Technology-201208
Those Nice Bright Colors1
The paper introduced color effi ciency and color ratio,analyzed the measurement and related issues.

Original/[USA]Mike Wood Translate/SHI Duan1

Network Information Integrated Management System of TV Studio Lighting4
Taking the new TV studios of CCTV as example, the consist, features and advantages of network information integrated management system for TV Studio lighting were expounded.

LIU Zhi-guang

The Effect of Reverberation on the Perceived Emotion of Music10
The proportion of four chief emotions for describing degree of grief and joy, intensity, leisure and sacredness was extracted...

ZHUANG Zhou, MENG Zi-hou

Feedback Restraint of Live Audio Amplifying14
Based on Sound-frequency projects and a lot of effective experience on-the-spot audio amplifying ,along with causes leading to...

Tang Lei

Control Vocal Sibilance18
The paper discussed some ways to control vocal sibilance, and keep the problem from becoming a musical distraction.

Original/[USA]Rob Schlette Translate/HE Qing-qing

The Study of Plane Form and Three-Dimension Size in the Audience Hall of Theatrical Building (Pt.1)19
The plane form and 3-dimention size in the theatrical building were discussed here. The specifi c issues were studied such ...


Stage Performance s risk Assessment for The Royal Opera House26
The Royal Opera House Stage risk assessment system was introduced and analysed including assessment node, scope of stage risk...


Leading Space Lay out and Design for Theatre (Pt.3)32
The function of theatre leading space was introduced, and design criterions and requirements were expound with the expression of space and devices layout and design.

Translate/LI Xiao-mei Revise/XU Qi

The Tone of Piano36
From the view of string’s definition, material quality and vibrating condition, the article discussed the factors infl uence...

JIN Xian-bin

Characteristics and Practice of Video Dance Creating40
Video Dance means use camera to shot the dance, It has the strong specialization about dance and camera.It has access to d...

WU Zhen

A Stage Designer’s Soliloquy45
Combined with some concrete operas, observing experience and creative refl ection were introduced in stage design by the qeneral thought of learning ,minding and practising.

LIU Ke-dong

The Operation and Cooperation of Technical Manager and Stage Manager in National Centre for the Performing Arts—Take The Flying Dutchman for example 49
The article introduced the operation and cooperation of technical manager and stage manager in National Centre for the Performing Arts, with the example of opera The Flying Dutchman.

LIU Feng, Li Gen-shi

Explain National Standard methods of measurement for the characteristics of sound reinforcement in auditoria56
This paper explained new issued national standard for GB/T4959-2011, and check the new standard against the old standard, as well as it main presents measurement conditions and measurement projects.

Cui Guang-zhong

DMX512-A Digital Data Transmission Standard for Lighting Control (Pt.2)64
DMX512-A Digital Data Transmission Standard for Lighting Control (Pt.2)

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