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Entertainment Technology-201209
Martin MAC Aura1
The function and property of new wash moving light were fully expounded by analyzing its structure and testing some parameters.

Original / [USA]Mike Wood Translate / YAO Han-chun1

LED Screens Simplified7
The paper introduced how to distinguish if the LED screen is HD.

Original/ [USA]Bob Kroman Translate/SHI Duan1

The Probe into Solution to Audio-Video Frequency Project in the Multi-Function Hall of Taiyuan Exhibition Centre10
The emphasis of the project was placed on technology diffi culties in the process of its design and construction, and the ...

WANG Rui-tian,SUN Dong-sheng,WEI Zeng-lai

The Relationship between Interval Concordance and Auditory Tensity16
The fi rst calculation of interval concord index resulted in the fact that the interval was classifi ed according to the c...

XUE Yun-xia

The Art of Noise20
The paper introduced the measures of noise regulation at urban and outdoor concert events.

Original/[USA] Phil Ward Translate/HE Qing-qing

The Study of Plane Form and Three-Dimension Size in the Audience Hall of Theatrical Building (Pt.2)24
The plane form and 3-dimention size in the theatrical building were discussed here. The specifi c issues were studied such ...


The Stage Machinery Technique Confi guration in Typical Theatres29
Stages technique confi guration was introduced in the typical theatres, along with some factors needed for considering while the technique was being confi gurated.

DUAN Hui-wen

Analysis of Operation Mode about Our Artistic Show Courtyard38
Based on our domestic performance market and main situation, their more experienced characteristics were probed into, and a new mode was put forward as well.

JIANG Wei, QI Chao, WANG Jin-yong, JIANG Yu-jian, ZHANG Jing-jing, ZHOU Bin

A Brief Talk about TV Program Recording under High Color Temperature43
Combined with work practice, the characteristics of high color temperature TV program recording were analyzed, along with some points for attention.

LI Xiao-bing

Drawing Side Spiral of Violin Head47
The design idea on side spiral of violin head of Nicolò Amati, Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesùwas analys...


The Method of Three Five Degrees Turning52
The steinway piano turning was exemplifi ed to expound the procedure and accurate turning method ...

CHEN Chong-sheng

Recreative Application of Costume Color in the Traditional Beijing Opera-Chibi56
The introduction of Beijing opera-Chibi was made in a breach and recreation of costume color.

Ning Fang-guo

Appreciation of LIU Ke-dong’s Drama Stage Design61
A brief analysis and interpretation of the LIU Ke-dong ' drama stage design works.


DMX512-A Digital Data Transmission Standard for Lighting Control (Pt.3)66
DMX512-A Digital Data Transmission Standard for Lighting Control (Pt.3)

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