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Entertainment Technology-201210
The Application of Stage Luminaries of Green Light Source in the Show of Great Hall of the People1
The artistic light design was introduced in the music performance of Great Hall of the People. The emphasis was put on pre...

MU Huai-xun1, ZHEN He-ping2

A Brief Analysis of Digital Lamp’s Design and Application in the Different Performance Environments6
The function and system constitution of digital projection lamps were introduced, along with analysis of their practical examp...

HU Yong1,ZHOU Xin-yang2

UPS Delivers Protection10
The paper analyzed the work principle of UPS, introduced how it protect the equipments in the front of venues.

Original/[USA]Richard Cadena Translate/SHI Duan1

The Volume Measure of TV Accompanying Sound and Control Technology13
The volume measure of TV accompanying sound and control were studied, along with the analysis of some problems like the sur...

XU Kang-juan, ZHOU Ke-sheng

Several Creative Solutions of Waterscape Audio
An exploring analysis was made from fi ve aspects of waterscape developing history, its present situation and its future ten...

LIANG Shen-qian

The Thinking of ORTF Pickup System Used in A Brief Analysis of Corresponding Period Recording Effect in the National String and Woodwind Concert23
The ORTF pickup system used in the article A Brief Analysis of Corresponding Period Recording Effect in the National String...


Design and Application of Control System of Revolving Stage27
The design of control system of revolving stage was exemplifi ed to expound its application of PLC programmable controller in the mechanical movement control system.

CHANG Xue-jun

Study for Wagons33
This paper presents the driving principle and structure of several side wagons used in Theatre in China, and analyses their...

YAO Ji-fang, SONG Yao-jun, CUI Jian-hui, YAN Hua-feng

The Upper Inner Stage in the West Theater39
The paper researched the upper inner stage used in the West Theaters.

Original/ [USA]Frank Mohler Translate/WEI Fa-kong

When Good Pegs Go Bad ——The Straight Dope on Fixing Problem Pegs43
The paper introduced how to solve peg problems, as well as string instruments' daily maintenance.

Original/[USA] Tom Croen Translate/CHEN Ting1

Piano Timbre Adjustment45
The paper analysed the various factors that infl uence piano timbre, and introduced the basic principles of sound production of hammer, as well as the solution of adjusting hammers to improve piano timbre.

JIN Xian-bin

Xiangxi Ancient Musical Instruments of Copper Chun Yu , Copper Zheng and Copper Chime Bells 49
The ancient musical instruments of copper chun yu, copper zheng, copper chime bells found in Xiangxi have a distinctive Chinese cultural features, and are a hot spot of archaeological studies of contemporary music.

XIONG Xiao-hui

A Brief Analysis of Fancy Dress Design of Fujian Opera Orchid Prose Poem53
Fancy dress characteristics of ancient costume Fujian opera Orchid Prose Poem were analyzed in the paper, combined with the Fujian opera's fancy dress property.

TENG Xiao-li

Thoughts on Stage Property Design57
Combined with creative practice, the paper introduced the function, types and requirements on the design of stage property.

YUAN Liang-jiu

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