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Entertainment Technology-201211
High End Systems trackspot Bolt1
A scanning moving light has been tested, and its structure , performance and characteristics were commanded as well.

Original / [USA]Mike Wood Translate / YAO Han-chun1

Understanding of Project Sine Wave AC Power Regulator6
The research background, process and technical features were introduced for the innovational project ...

MA Li-min, YE Jian-hui, WAN Dong-hua

The Creative Design of 3D Show - Sound Photoelectricity in Commercial Plaza10
The function location, the design principle, the design scheme and the solution to technique of a building wall 3D show - ...

ZHANG Hai-zheng,HU Yong

Pre-testing for New Tone Mixed Urheen and Electronic Music13
Aimed at the specifi c tone of urheen performance, some relevance between urheen sound and electronic music was studied, and analysis was also made for music classifi cation and dealing with electronic music.

PANG Gao-yu

Audio-Technica M3 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System19
The paper introduced the characteristics of Audio-Technica M3 wireless in-ear monitor system, as well as the experience in the process of testing and using it.

Original / [USA] Mark Johnson Translate/HE Qing-qing

Analytical Method of Indoor Sound Field22
Concept of indoor sound field and the law of sound energy attenuation were introduced, meanwhile, the sound refection law was analyzed by means of indoor geometrical acoustics.

QI Na, Meng Zi-hou

Discussion on Stage Architectural Design and Technique24
From the diversity of theatre design, aimed at the present state of its construction, the close relationship between stage d...

ZHOU Chun-jiang, LI Guo-qi

Development and Application of Constant Power Booms Windlass for Stage and the Control System32
Gear motor sel ection under constant power servicing was introduced, and comparison with electric motor 87Hz, trial and application as well.

YAO liang, XIE Hai-qi, XUE Huan-xin

Stage Equipments Review of Meilanfang Grand Theatre37
Stage technique, machinery, lighting, and distribution of acoustics were introduced, especially for the innovative design of Peking opera performance.

AN Yao-min

Uygur Bowed String Instruments Shatall43
The historic origins and production techniques of a music instrument Shatall was introduced for national minority in Sinkiang....

HUANG Shi-yuan

Voice Beijing Effect of Interactive Device Art on Emotional Perception45
Creation idea of the art Voice Beijing was introduced. And the effect of electronic music on audiences' feeling perception was studied by expression of interactive audio and lighting equipments.


Pipe Organ Stop of China National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)—Technique and Art of Orchestration49
The paper talked about the concept of the organ stops,working principle,system nomenclature and ...

Brief Analysis of Costume Design54
Combined with specifi c performance, from the three aspects of costume color design, local ...


A Talk about the Turntable Operation in the Drama Dragon Beard Ditch59
It was introduced for the turntable operation how to jon and mix up with performance in the drama Dragon Bead Ditch.

ZHANG Bao-min

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