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Entertainment Technology-201212
The Awarding Ceremony of 4th Innovation Award of the Ministry of Culture Held1

Some Programs of 4th Innovation Award of the Ministry of Culture3

The Prediction of Lighting Source Lifetime for LED Luminaire6
【Abstract】In spite of long lifetime of LED lighting source, there has been shortage of authoritative basis to predict its long lifetime by the results tested within a shorter time.

CHEN Guo-yi

Gel Color Pickers – Useless11
【Abstract】With detailed analysis from the points of light source, color temperature, dim, irradiated object, and metameric, the paper stated it's useless to use match color function of gel color pickers in practice.

Original/[USA] Mike Wood Translate/YAO Han-chun1

A Brief Talk about System Security for Outdoor Performance Lighting Control System14
【Abstract】The methods on lighting control system security for large outdoor performance were discussed such as external disturbance avoiding, equipment safety ensuring, and emergency measures taking.

LI Xiao-bing

Reverberation and Music Emotion Experience17
【Abstract】Three experimental series were carried out to study the relationship and interactive infl uence between reverberation and music emotion.

MENG Zi-hou

Sound System Design in Open Real Scene Theatre on Drama Rainstorm25
【Abstract】The design idea and equipment confi guration in the open air real scene theatre Rainstorm were introduced and some practical experience of audio projects for outdoor dramas were summarized as well.

WU Guo-qiang

Digital Multitrack Recording for Real Scene Stage Performance29
【Abstract】The advantage of digital transmission and the multitrack recording equipments based on the MADI and REAC protocol were introduced in this paper.

XIONG Shen-sheng

Technical Requirements for Stage Machinery Design32
【Abstract】Technical and general requirements, and related process and function parameters were summarized in stage machinery design to provide reference for professional designers.

WEI Fa-kong

A Kind of Electric Circuit Design about Stage Suspender Control35
【Abstract】The stage has a large number of suspenders. Each suspender motor requires four signal lines: positive control sign...


The Application of the HOAC Stage Wagon System in a Korean Theatre38
【Abstract】Based on the case of a Korean theatre, a brief introduction of the innovative stage wagon system from HOAC, which enables flexibility within limited stage space.

Original/[GER] Gabriele Hoegg Translate/ZHONG Rui

Interactive Behavior Frame Design in Electronic Music Creation41
【Abstract】As an electrical music presented in interactive way, the interactive behavior design was studied in its creation p...


Dutar: Original of Uygur Instruments46
【Abstract】History of Dutar the Uygur instrument was introduced along with its manufacture process.

HUANG Shi-yuan

Impressionistic Stage Lighting Art49
【Abstract】With comments on Henan Opera The Orphan of Chao and Success or Failure Lies on Xiaohe, the paper introduced the application of impressionistic stage lighting art.

TIAN Wei-wei (Stage Art Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy China, Shanghai 200040, China)

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