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Entertainment Technology-201105

[GER]Hartmut H. Starke, Harald Scherer, Christian A. Buschhoff, et. al.

Sound System Design and Engineering Guideline for Theatre,Halls and Installations (Pt.4)70
Sound System Design and Engineering Guideline for Theatre,Halls and Installations (Pt.4)

A Brief Talk about Creative Understanding of the Stagecraft Design for the Evening Gala of Kingdom of Louts67
TANG Guo-wenHunan Opera and Dance Theatre,Changsha Hunan 410011,China【Abstract】The conception and practice of stagecraft creat...

TANG Guo-wen

Integration of Virtual and Real-A Brief Analysis of the Music and Sound Effect Design for Drama Story of Two Heroes64
XU Hong-bingFujian People's Art Theatre, Fuzhou Fujian 350001, China【Abstract】The music and sound effect design of drama ...

XU Hong-bing

A Brief Talk to Theatre Sound Design by a Min Opera Chen Jing Gu61
CHEN XinSet Design Center, Fuzhou Min Opera Theatre, Fuzhou Fujian 350025, China【Abstract】 A general introduction was made f...


Brief Talk on the Tan Dun's Integration and Innovation of Composing Techniques57
LU YiLiaocheng University,Liaocheng Shandong 252059,China【Abstract】Combined with music works, the paper analyzed Tan Dun's i...


The Influence of Erhu Skin’s Vibrating to the Equalization Degree54
HAN Pei-qi, GAO Xin-cunCollege of Sciences, Hebei University of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang Hebei 050018, China【Abstra...

HAN Pei-qi, GAO Xin-cun

Thinking about the Application of LED Video in TV Stagecraft Design51
GUO LiangZhejiang Radio & Television Group, Hangzhou zhejiang 310005, China【Abstract】The changes in TV stagecraft design cause...

GUO Liang

Introduction of Stage Machinery for Shanghai Cultural Plaza47
CUI Jian-hui, YAO Liang, SONG Yao-jun, WU Tai-liZHE JIANG DAFENG Industry Co., Ltd., Yuyao Zhejiang 315400, China【Abstract】St...

CUI Jian-hui, YAO Liang, SONG Yao-jun, WU Tai-li

The Harmony among the Environment the Form and the Content-Sage Gateshead Music Venue41
Translate/SUN Fang, ZHONG Rui, XU QiStage Technology Department,National Centre for the Performing Arts,Beijing 100031【Abstract...

Translate/SUN Fang, ZHONG Rui, XU Qi

Primary Study of Parameterized Visual Design for Theatre Auditorium35
XU Shao-hui, LU Xiang-dongSchool of Architecture, Tsinghua Universtity, Beijing 100084, China【Abstract】By means of the study o...

XU Shao-hui, LU Xiang-dong

A Look inside the Amplifier of Meyer Self-Powered Speakers33
Original/[USA]Phil DeLancie Translate/HE Qing-qing【Abstract】The paper introduced two kinds of amplifiers used in Meyer self-powe...

Original/[USA]Phil DeLancie Translate/HE Qing-qing

The Perception of Distortion30
ZHAO Qi-changInstitute of Acoustics, Nanjing University, Nanjing Jiangsu 210093, China【Abstract】The relation between total harmo...

ZHAO Qi-chang

Review on the Sound Quality of the Audio Equipment with National Brand24
MENG Zi-houCommunication Acoustics Laboratory, Communication University of China, Beijing 100024, China【Abstract】Based on the su...

MENG Zi-hou

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