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The 6th Conference of Standing Council Was Held in Wuhan
June 24, 2015 at 08:22 AM

The 6th conference of standing council of CETA was held in Wuhan on June 24, 2015. 35 standing council members attended the conference which fit the require for quorum. Zhu Xincun, president of CETA , hosted the conference. Attendees include, vice presidents (Sorted by Last Name Strokes in Chinese): Zhou Chunzhi, Wen Kejian, Liang Zhiyuan, Fu Gaowu, Wen Qinglin, Xiong Ying, and secretary-general Lao Weijie.

During the conference, Xiong Ying read two documents of approval from ministry of civil affairs; Zhu Xincun announced the spectrum of duty and the division of work of new board; Lao Weijie reported the work plan for 2015.

Zhu Xincun concluded the conference to be successful. He asked the participants to reinforce the learning of policies for social association and put the social benefit in prior status. They should host more activities which are beneficial to the society, industry and members of CETA.

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