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Safety is the primary - Asian theatre security alliance was established and the second international theatre safety seminar (South Korea) was held successfully
December 1, 2016 at 09:38 AM
The second international security conference was successfully held in Seoul, In recent days, Leading international theater and performance stage of technical experts, leaders of related institutions, consultants and representatives of companies took part in the symposium, they discussed theater security concept and cooperation mode, shared theatre and performance standards, rules, and the experimental experience.
On October 25, China entertainment technology association (CETA), Korea testing laboratory (KTL), Taiwan association of theatre technology, Singapore and other Asian countries and regions signed the memorandum of cooperation in Seoul, and set up the "Asian entertainment safety alliance". On behalf of Xincun Zhu, the president of Ceta, vice President of Ceta Ying Xiong attended the meeting and signed the memorandum of cooperation.
In recent years, Ceta communicated with South Korea, Taiwan and institutions from other Asian countries and regions, cooperated in BBS, magazines and other aspects. Ceta had several meetings with South Korea last year, Both sides hope that through the Asian union bilateral or multilateral,making regional stage, theatre, technical standards, discussing relevant matters, through the common organization or to participate in training, BBS, seminars and other forms of cooperation ,to improve the specification of the construction of the native and Asian theater and safety, and to promote the safety of operating theatre, ensure personnel safety and safe operation.
The establishment of the"Asian entertainment safety alliance", through multilateral cooperation, strengthen the security performance of the theatre, to improve the technical level of the related industries, to promote the development of the performing arts.
On October 26-27, the second international theatre safety seminar was held in in news center in Seoul . International and regional experts from China and the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and other countries and regions attended the symposium. Jim Digby, the president of ESA(Event Safety Alliance), and Dr. Donald C.Cooper, Brod Mason ,the expert of ABTT(The Association of British Theater Technicians),Christian A. Buschhoff, the expert of DTHG (Deutsche Theater Technician Certification Program)、Mikio Ogawa, the expert of JATET(Theater and Entertainment Technology Association Japan) and Bill Sapsis, the experts of ETCP(The Entertainment Technician Certification Program), Tony Kam, the expert of TTAT(Technical Theater Association of Singapore), Dr. Dunkun Kim and Jeong Sik YOO, the experts of KTL/TSC( Korea Testing Laboratory/ Theater Safety Center). Experts talk about the industry standards, performance specification measures, expounded the concept of theatre security.
Duan Huiwen, the standing committee of China entertainment technology association professional committee, he delivered a keynote speech. His topic is "China stage technical standards and institutionalized management over equipment". He detailed introduced the Chinese theater stage standards and expounded the theater security shall establish relevant system measures, and gave some related suggestions.
Xiong Ying, vice President of Ceta, was invited to give a speak, she introduced the association related work, especially mentioned Ceta undertake the projects of the ministry of culture -national new theatre construction research< theatre construction standards> and other related subjects, as a result,  she suggested that Asian security alliance should first focus on safety specification of theater design, stage equipment design and manufacture, based on it, to promote the theatre safety operation.
Attending the symposium, it would further promote cultural exchanges between Ceta and the Asia and Europe, and expand the China entertainment technology association influence in related industry from Asia and Europe, for the future technical standards, training, BBS and other related work laid the foundation work.
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