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November 2011
November 2011: A group was organized by CETA to attend PALME Vietnam.

Nov. 13th, 2011: An anniversary activity for the establishment of CETA for 20 years was held in Nanchang. The activity consisted of three parts, namely, anniversary meeting, forum summit and celebration party. The main purpose for the anniversary meeting was to review the development history of CETA with the aims of inheriting the past and ushering in the future, and then creating a new glory with the encouragement and cooperation; during the forum summit, a deeper discussion was made with the dominant goal of developing and strengthening the entertainment industry, and a promotion of the theme of the anniversary meeting was carried out; the celebration party was organized with the aim of team-working, enhancing the internal cohesion and solidarity and creating the atmosphere of considering CETA as a family. More than 400 participants including representatives of the 5th representative conference of CETA members and some former staff took part in the activity. Guests delivered their congratulations during the anniversary activity, who included Xiong Mingyuan, Deputy Director of the General Office from Ministry of Culture, leaders from the following organizations— China Stage Art Academy (the Center of Organization of International Stage Art of China(OISTAT)), Architecture Intelligence Association, China Radio and Television Association (CRTA), also guests from IIR Exhibitions Pte Ltd., Singapore. Documentation Development Outline of China Entertainment Industry was edited and published by CETA in order to celebrate the 20-year establishment.         
Nov. 23rd~ 30th, 2011: Taipei Electrical Commercial Association (TECA) invited a group of six people from CETA to visit Taiwan from November 23rd to 30th, 2011; the group consisted of President of CETA Mr. Zhu Xincun, Vice President and Secretary-General Pan Hanlin, Vice President Chen Meina, and three members of the standing council: Zhao Ming, Ye Xiaozhong and Zhang Yuying. The visiting group attended the opening ceremony of the 32nd Taipei International Audio Fair hosted by TECA, as a special guest, Zhu Xincun cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. A negotiation and discussion were held between representatives of CETA and colleagues from TECA on the theme of how to promote the communication and development of the entertainment industry between mainland and Taiwan; and methods of promoting the management of associations to achieve international standards.
Nov. 29th, 2011: 2011 International Seminar on the Application and Development of Stage Mechanical Control Techniques hosted by CETA was held in Radisson Blu Hotel Beijing. Keynote speeches were provided by 11 technicians specialized in the field of stage machinery from China, UK, Germany and Luxembourg; approximately 200 people participated this seminar, including domestic and international experts of stage machinery, business entrepreneurs from in-constructing companies, operating managers of performance venues, technicians from research and development departments of stage machinery factories, technicians from professional performance organizations and teachers and students from institutions with relevant majors.
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