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March 2011
Mar. 18th, 2011: The 5th standing council of CETA held the fourth president meeting in Xiamen; in order to meet the need of promoting the qualification assessment work, decision was made during the meeting that independent from Technique Department, an Assessment Office was established; and Zhao Guohua was appointed as director while Cui Guangzhong as deputy director.
Mar. 18th, 2011: The fifth CETA regional group meeting was held in Xiamen; communication proceeded among regional groups regarding the work situation of the year, and ordinance of regional group work & conducting measures of member management were discussed during the meeting.

Mar. 19th, 2011: The 5th standing council of CETA held the fifth meeting in Xiamen. President Zhu Xincun, Vice President Xierui, Vice President & Secretary-General Pan Hanlin, Vice Presidents Lao Weijie, Yujin´╝îChen Meina and Huang Baodi attended, and 31members of standing council joined the meeting (six were absent). Honored President of CETA—Mr. Ai Qingchun—attended the meeting. Yang Fubin—Director of the Consultant Committee of CETA; Duputy Directors Zhang Zhaosheng and Hou Yonghai participated the conference along with regional group directors. Pan Hanlin hosted the meeting. Reports and illustrations were made regarding documents and decisions that were passed during the meeting, and they were listed as follows: Working Summary of 2010, Working Scheme of 2011, Rules of Reinforcing the Self-development of the Standing Council, Ordinance of Regional Group Work, Conducting Measures of Member Management, and Decision about Modification of the Standing Executive Office of CETA. 
Mar. 20th, 2011: Steve Taylor and another visitor from PLASA USA took a visit to CETA, and conference about the communication and cooperation between PLASA  USA and CETA was made among these two visitors and President Zhu Xincun, Vice President & Secretary-General Pan Hanlin, Vice President Lao Weijie, and Deputy Secretary & Minister of Publicity Department Xiong Ying.
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