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May 2011
May 24th, 2011: President Mike Wood of PLASA USA and his two colleagues visited CETA, and discussion was conducted in terms of the specific approaches to making further communication and cooperation between CETA and PLASA USA among attendees from PLASA USA and CETA leaders: Vice President & Secretary-General Pan Hanlin, Vice President Lao Weijie, and Deputy Secretary & Minister of Publicity Department Xiong Ying.
May 25th, 2011: As a sponsor, CETA held the 9th China Entertainment Technology Forum with great success. The forum proceeded with the theme of discussing about illumination technology with the purposes of energy saving and environmental protection & stage lighting; reports were made by seven experts while five of whom were international specialists, and there were more than 260 participants in this forum including industrial professionals from more than ten countries such as the USA, Germany and Czech Republic, and domestic experts, scholars, technical practitioners and representatives of enterprises. 
May 25th, 2011: The 45th National Meeting of Information Communication and Trade Talks of Entertainment Technology was held in Jingming Hotel, Beijing. Over 800 representatives from more than 400 members of CETA attended. On the opening ceremony, a statement was made by President Zhu Xincun regarding the guiding information of the Five- Year Development Scheme of CETA; a key note speech was provided by Li Xiaolei, Deputy Director of Department of Culture Industries from Ministry of Culture, on the topic of Construction of Policy and System of China Culture Industries; Gao Huiqing, economist from Department of Economic Affairs, State Information Center of the Central People's Government of P.R.C., made a presentation on Interpreting the 12th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development Scheme; and a rewarding ceremony was held for exhibitors who had won the Prize of Intellectual Property. Activities were organized during the meeting such as visiting the exhibition, technology information communication and trade talks.

May 26th ~29th, 2011: The 20th China International Exhibition on Pro Audio, Light, Music and Technology ( PALM EXPO 2011) was held in China International Exhibition Center and National Agriculture Exhibition Center in Beijing. The exhibition area was more than 85,000 m2, the quantity of exhibitors was larger than 1700 involving 160 international enterprises from 23 countries, and it was the first time that the visits exceeded 200,000. Initially, the exhibition held an activity of selecting ‘prize of intellectual property’ among exhibitors and over 60 enterprises applied among which 31 were rewarded.

May 26th~28th, 2011: Publisher of Entertainment Technology undertook the Finals of the 6th β3 Guitar and Band Competition during PALM EXPO.
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