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July 2011
July 13th~16th, 2011: Leading by President of CETA Zhu Xincun, a group of visitors went to Singapore for negotiating with IIR Exhibitions Pte Ltd about issues on the 21st international exhibition, and taking a visit to the PALME ASIA Exhibition.
July 23rd, 2011: A president outreach meeting of CETA was held in Jilin Province, and decision was made regarding an anniversary activity for the establishment of CETA for 20 years after the discussion, namely, a special group was established to prepare and arrange for the anniversary; with the leadership of president meeting, the secretary-general should run this preparation and arrangement group with the assistance of deputy secretary-general. Principally, a preparation and arrangement blue print was accepted provided by Vice President & Secretary-General Pan Hanlin.
July 31st, 2011: During the 11th Comprehensive Technical Competence Assessment for the Entertainment Project Enterprises, certificates were awarded to 45 individual items from 30 enterprises; four individual items applying for upgrade from three enterprises received the certificates.
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