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August 2011
Aug.2nd, 2011: Document was delivered from Department of Culture Industries, Ministry of Culture, which affirmed the work of Comprehensive Technical Competence Assessment for the Entertainment Project Enterprises.
Aug. 6th, 2011: A seminar was organized with the theme of promoting the development of culture industries between CETA and the local government of Nankai District in Tianjin; President Zhu Xincun, Vice President & Secretary-General Pan Hanlin and Vice President Chen Meina attended. Leaders such as the standing vice district governor and the vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference from Nankai District were present at the seminar. During the meeting, Tianjin Baihao Audio Device Plaza was granted as ‘cultivation base for entertainment technology’.

Aug. 8th ~13th, 2011: Series of activities were carried out by CETA on delivering and implementing the relevant standards of luminaires, manufacturer investigating, and studying and discussing about the technique issues.

Aug. 8th, 2011: Public lecture on lighting techniques were held in Guangdong Province, reports were delivered by experts from the investigation group of international exhibition on the topic of PALM EXPO 2011 investigation reports on lighting techniques and performances and functions of entertainment luminaires. Over 70 engineers and technicians from more than 30 member enterprises attended this lecture.

Aug 13th, 2011: Seminar about the performances and functions of entertainment luminaires was carried out in Guangdong Province. Professor Zhou Taiming from Fudan University made a presentation about LED illuminant technology, and more than 40 experts and technicians from member enterprises joined the discussion.
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